What Does Black History Month Mean to Me

It means I am Always learning

For me, Black History Month is a way to continue learning about incredible Black people who have impacted our world. I want to share some social media accounts I follow to help me continue learning. 

Just a few black social media icons I follow:

Kamryn Davis

Kamryn Davis, who uses her platform to share facts about being Black that we were not taught about in school. She also uses her platform to share interesting historical facts such as the video below where she shares who Debi Thomas was. 

@therealkamryne What other Black History Facts should we cover? #BlackHistory #kammentary #WinterOlympics #blackfacts #february #blacktiktok ♬ original sound – therealkamryne

 Black Baby Children’s Books

Another account I follow on instagram is @blackbabybooks, which showcases books for all ages that correctly represent the black community. I hope you check our their page and add some of their recommendations to your book shelf. I for one love Hair Love by Matthew A Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison

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“JaBriah are you smart?” If you don’t know that phrase then you are missing out on La’Ron’s incredible social media posts. You can find him on instagram and TikTok! At only 20, La’Ron uses his videos to ask young children questions ranging from “what is geometry” to “what does a beautician do?” The children, including the adorable JaBria always have such witty and confident answers and even though they are wrong 99% of the time, La’Ron cheers them on. Talk about an amazing role model who not only supports young learners but also pursues his own passion as an actor, singer and producer. 

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Cherish Princess Jackson

Now, if you listened to my latest podcast episode you will have met Cherish! Cherish is a special education teacher who helps advocate for young children and include them in every step of their learning process. She works in a heterogeneous school and loves to use her own experiences from her childhood to promote self-confidence, advocacy and positivity. You can give her a follow on her TikTok account! 

@msmelaninmathematics They are my heart #fractions #mathteachersoftiktok #mathteacher #blackmathematician #blackteacher #blacktok #teachersoftiktok #spedteachersoftiktok #positiveteachertok #positiveteacher ♬ original sound – Melanin Mathematics

Donovan Taylor Hall

Meet Donovan or as his social media handles refer to him, Donofriend. This former educator is working hard as a youth advocate to instill confidence, self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. Donovan will actually be joining me on the pod soon, but for now make sure to follow him on his instagram and TikTok. I have cried multiple times watching him talk to young kids and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to interact with him on one of his TikTok lives and meet other inspiring people! 

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How to celebrate Black History Month on social media

Show these creators and others some respect and love by following their accounts and continuing to learn! Share and repost posts that you feel could educate or help someone else! Remember to always be kind and spread awareness of the diversity issues we all still face in 2022. 

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