Minimalism: before and after

Extreme Minimalism

When I would think of minimalism I really only thought of one type of minimalistic lifestyle; the extreme version. I am a sentimental human and never for a second thought I would be a minimalist. I hold on to things and store them away because one day I will need that box of old cds from middle school. I may need to unpack Michael’s Bar-Mitzvah cd and jam out to whatever oldies are on there.

Knick Knacks

I follow someone on social media who is a minimalist and I am always envious of their home. They have the basics such as a couch, bed, dressers, dog bed, rugs, etc. but they don’t have knick knacks lying around. It’s clean, its intentional and honestly it looks freeing. At least to me.

Simplicity and Minimalism

On Friday, April 8th I got home and looked around at all the things I owned. From my pillow to my cluttered closet. I started noticing the things that took up space that just didn’t need to be there. I decided to start decluttering and making more room for me to be free.

I dumped out my closet and looked at my rather large shoe collection. Slowly, I put the shoes that I had never worn, but swore one day I would, in the donation pile. If I haven’t worn a pair in the last year it went in the donate pile. Slowly that pile grew.

I took down that old box of cds and put them in the recycle and sell section. Bit by bit my closet became free of the burden of holding onto these “sacred’ items.

I’m not going to say letting go of certain items was easy. It wasn’t. I went through my old box of teaching supplies that contained chalk, finger paint random loose parts and other items from when I did remote teaching. I put it all to the side. I wasn’t ready. Then Saturday I returned to those items and sat there thinking of the “why” I needed to keep them. I couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to keep them. I texted my teacher/parent pals and said come get this stuff away from me.

I was getting somewhere! I was enjoying the simplicity and minimalism idea. I had donation, garbage, recycle, sell, etc piles. Then I came across a photo collage book. The first class that I was the lead teacher of gifted me a photo collage book at the end of the year. I cherished that year of teaching and grew tremendously as an educator. This item I did NOT get rid of. Maybe in the next batch of decluttering I will, but I gave myself a pass because some things we don’t have to let go of.

It’s now Monday as I write this and I feel lighter. I know it sounds cliche and I also know that people reading this may not want to make this type of change to their lifestyle. All of that is okay! I just wanted to share another part of how I am working towards being more free in this world.

Living Intentionally

I realize that with Sprouting Minds I am very intentional with making sure I create a space for expression, growth and freedom. Now, I am able to live intentionally outside of Sprouting Minds as well. I would call myself a baby minimalist. I understand the reasoning behind minimalism now.

I made a promise to myself that before I make a purchase to think about what the intention is behind the item. What do I think its purpose will be and how will I use it.

If I can give you one piece of advice it is to live in a way that helps you grow and learn.

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