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My goal for the Sprouting Minds blog is to help us connect, learn and guide one another. I write about what I find interesting and helpful. I hope these blogs can lead to a bigger conversation.

Holiday Book Recommendations

With the holidays coming up I wanted to share books written by my amazing guests. These are all books that I have read and highly recommend as gifts. Please note the descriptions as these books have specific age ranges they are catered towards. Markita Staples-Green Markita was a guest on the podcast last year and…

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Reactive Dog: a rollercoaster of emotions

Puppy Love In 2015 I headed to a local rescue shelter in hopes of finding a new puppy to add to my life. As I walked into the puppy room I was immediately drawn to a small ball snoozing away in his cage. I walked over and there he was, a tiny mountain dog. I…

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