Let’s hear how the Sprouting Minds guests felt about their experience

What stood out to you most about our conversation?

Although I was very raw and vulnerable and myself I’m kind of proud.

Listening to the podcast and your commentary was so helpful in shifting my perspective of myself and what I label as success. When we spoke about success you had such wise feedback and advice, truly helped me to see my own strength.

– Cody Newman

I loved how naturally the conversation was. I felt so comfortable the entire time. Andie was a great convo partner.

– Charity Alyse
Author of Other Side of the Tracks

What is one word you would use to describe your experience on the podcast?




*my dad described the podcast as INSPIRING*

What do you hope people connect with from your story?

A truer understanding of OCD, that is not a quirk or fun thing people do.

– Alnardo Martinez
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Child
Mind Institute

Fostering the love of learning for each individual child.

– Kathy Tojaga
Faculty Manager and Instructional Coach, Pacific Preparatory School

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