How the Grinch Stole My Confidence

The Mean Teacher

Imagine little old Andie, with cute pin-straight hair and bangs walking into first grade with what I can only assume was an oversized backpack.

Now, imagine the Grinch, before his heart grew three sizes. Then, change out the Grinch’s face with my first grade teacher. We’ll call her Mrs. G.

Mrs. G and Little Andie didn’t quite see eye-to-eye, for Little Andie was an average learner, innocent, young and blue-eyed. Mr.s G, had high expectations and wanted her first graders to be at a second grade level. For us average folks, we were misunderstood and labeled as “behind”. Because of Mrs. G’s ignorance of childhood developement, Little Andie continued the year feeling inadequate, dumb and like a failure.

For years, Little Andie continued to feel those feelings. She thought she wouldn’t and couldn’t amount to anything. I wish I could say that Mrs. G’s heart grew three sizes like the Grinch, but this is real life, not a wonderful movie. However, this is a true tale of how one teacher can destroy a young learner.

Learning and Growing

Now, Andie is almost 30 and there are still days where Little Andie’s fear and insecurities creep in, but it’s far less often. Andie now has a master’s degree, a certificate for educational consulting and her own business. I’d say “average” Andie is doing just fine.

She who shall not be named…(sorry switched movie references there)

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