It’s bedtime. Let me ask a million questions!

Just Because by Mac Barnett
A curious book for the curious reader.

Are your child’s WHY QUESTIONS rampant at night! 

How often do you tuck your little one into bed and they NEED to ask you a million and one why questions? It seems that at night children start opening up and asking deep questions. 

Is it annoying? Yes. 

Are they trying to understand the world they live in? Yes. 

Are they intentionally trying to be annoying? No. 

Bedtime book recommendation for all those why questions your kiddo has! 

I’m not going to get into the science of it, but if you are interested Megan Glosson, published an article going into detail about why children open up at night. 

I’m here to recommend a bedtime book to help you answer your kiddos thought-provoking bedtime questions. Just Because by Mac Barnett is going to be your new go-to bedtime story. Here’s the thing, the answers aren’t factual. This book is for the star-gazers and the children who love to explore the creative side of their mind. With dazzling illustrations and gracefully written text this bedtime story becomes an outlet for dreamers. 

An image from Just Because by Mac Barnett
Why do birds fly south in the winter?

Keep the curiosity going the next day! 

My favorite part of this book is that the next day YOU can keep the story going. The bedtime story is just the start of a journey you can take with your child. At breakfast the next morning a simple question such as, “I wonder when we go to sleep, what songs do the fishies sing?” Then you can pretend to be fishies and swim around your home singing the songs. You can create crafts to make your own fishies! I digress. My point is, these conversations, thought-provoking questions and time spent together are endless.

An illustration excerpt from Just Because by Mac Barnett. What happens to fish at night? They swim, sing songs and cry blue tears.

The questions at night may seem annoying but remember, we should never stop raising curious little thinkers. 

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