Carson Pickett: USWNT Debut

Carson Pickett

This past week Carson Pickett earned her first cap with the United States Women’s National Team. With immense hard work and talent comes an ever deserving spot with the best squad out there. The defender for the North Carolina Courage made her way onto the pitch wearing the number 26.

Limb Difference Awareness

Pickett was born without her left forearm and hand and as she writes in the caption of one of her recent instagram posts “I want to be an advocate for others like me, and for the longest time I didn’t use my platform well enough.” I think it’s safe to say that Carson Pickett is an inspiration to many others because of her talents on the field. She shows dedication, perseverance and the ability to work hard to accomplish big dreams. She mentions in that same post about having anxiety about not fitting in and in her latest run with the USWNT. In their video she even says coming into this squad, she feels like part of the family.

Team Sports

Sports is not just about winning, it’s about coming together and being the best you can be to achieve the overall goal. One of the reasons I love watching the USWNT play and the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League) is because these players come from all different experiences and have overcome various obstacles and yet, here they are together fighting to win.

Being Human

It is important to note that Carson Pickett is the first National Team player with a Limb difference. It’s also important to note that she is a fierce defender, a pro athlete and above all a kind human being.

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