Podcast Guests!

  • Holiday Book Recommendations

    With the holidays coming up I wanted to share books written by my amazing guests. These are all books that I have read and highly recommend as gifts. Please note the descriptions as these books have specific age ranges they are catered towards. Markita Staples-Green Markita was a guest on the podcast last year and…

  • Shea Hammond: US Paralympic Soccer forward

    Shea Hammond: US Paralympic Soccer forward

    Shea Hammond is a forward for the US National Paralympic Soccer team. He is living with Cerebral Palsy and has overcome obstacles and helped build a community for others living with CP.

  • Aidyn Speaks: This is Me!

    Aidyn Speaks: This is Me!

    Uncomfortable in my own skin Imagine being 9 years old and not feeling comfortable in your body. Something isn’t right but you aren’t sure what it is yet. At 9 years old Aidyn came across a video explaining what the term transgender meant. Aidyn, who is now 15 mentioned in our conversation that: “finding out…

  • It’s More Than Just Cute Stuffed Animals

    Teddy Bear Love Cute stuffed animals have been around for decades and with each one comes a story. I’m not talking about the little tags that give the plush creature a name and says it loves lollipops and rainbows. I’m talking about the stuffed animal that goes from the bed to living room to venturing…