Aidyn Speaks: This is Me!

Uncomfortable in my own skin

Imagine being 9 years old and not feeling comfortable in your body. Something isn’t right but you aren’t sure what it is yet. At 9 years old Aidyn came across a video explaining what the term transgender meant. Aidyn, who is now 15 mentioned in our conversation that: “finding out what being trans was was kinda the breakthrough for me.” Finally Aidyn was able to identify why she wasn’t feeling comfortable in “his” skin and why she didn’t identify as a boy. 

Who am I to you? 

In our conversation Aidyn chat about how she came out out to her parents at 9, but when entering middle school and experiencing bullying she had to retract coming out. 

Children aren’t born to hate. They aren’t born to treat others disrespectfully or to treats others differently. They are brought up to act this way and consequently a young child had to go back into hiding. 

Luckily, Aidyn had a strong support system at home and continued to be who she was in the safety of her family and close friends. Then at age 15, she was able to fully come out as trans! 

This Book is Gay

Aidyn mentions reading a book “This Book is Gay” by Juno Dawson, which was a helpful guide and workbook she used to help her come out to her parents and friends. 

Be who you are for your pride

Aidyn shared some adversities she experienced, how she became a social media advocate and some incredible advice that we should all live by:

“My advice would be, just to trust yourself and don’t let people like tell you you’re confused or that what you think about yourself is wrong and that you don’t know what you think. The only person that knows you is you, not anybody else. So just trust yourself and believe what you think.” 

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